Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in the Tyler Asset Bank. The digital assets found here have intrinsic, reputational and marketing value to the John Tyler Community College. To protect them and to ensure their appropriate usage, please review the following guidelines.


I.    Terms of Use

II.   About Tyler Asset Bank

III.  Branding Guide

IV.  Media Contacts



I.  Terms of Use


By downloading and using any material from Tyler Asset Bank, you accept the following:

  • Assets may be downloaded and used solely for non-commercial College-related purposes.
  • Unauthorized commercial use of assets is prohibited. Commercial use is “the use of an asset to market, sell or endorse a product or service by an outside entity that results in financial gain or economic benefit.”
  • Editing or altering an asset in any way that changes its intended content is prohibited.
  • Assets may not be used in a pornographic, obscene, illegal, immoral, libelous or defamatory manner.
  • Users may not redistribute, sell or license an asset (or a collection of) in any way.
  • User agrees that the endorsement of any product or service by Tyler may not be claimed or implied.
  • John Tyler Community College holds the copyright to all the assets on this site or was granted a license to use an asset by the copyright holder. Each asset lists copyright holder in its asset details and metadata.
  • For users who are not Tyler faculty or staff, user agrees to use a credit line in connection with each asset. Acceptable credit lines include ©John Tyler Community College or a hyperlink to URL www.jtcc.edu. Credit to be located in a readable font on same page as the page.



II.  About Tyler Asset Bank 


Tyler Asset Bank is the College’s campus-wide system for storing and sharing digital assets (images, logos and other files) used in communications. This resource was acquired to help Tyler faculty and staff promote College-sponsored events and activities.


Unless otherwise stated in asset details or metadata, John Tyler Community College owns the copyright to all assets on this site and reserves the right to provide access to Tyler Asset Bank. 


This site is maintained by the Office of College Relations. 


E-mail tylerassetbank@jtcc.edu for more information. 



III.  Branding Guide


Need a refresher on creating awe-inspiring College communications? Check out our Branding Guide for the basics, including our guiding principle of “awe,” our tagline, our logo and our color palette.


IV.  Media Contacts


Our media contacts can assist you with:

  • Developing stories about John Tyler Community College, higher education, and other topics
  • Setting up interviews
  • Obtaining information about Tyler, photographs and other resources
  • Getting added to the College’s news release distribution list


Primary Media Contact:
Holly Walker
Public Relations Manager


Secondary Media Contact:

Heather Busch
Creative Services Manager